Quality Kitchen Cabinets in Tiffin, OH
Kitchen, Bathroom, and Office Cabinet Sales

Anthony Douglas Kitchen and Bath Offers Kitchen Cabinets

Anthony Douglas Kitchen and Bath offers kitchen cabinets in Tiffin, OH. All home and business owners rely on spacious kitchen cabinets to store pots, pans, food, and other household items. If you are considering updating the cabinets in your kitchen, our sales team is here to help you choose the best option for your space. We offer wood cabinets from Dynasty, Diamond, and Omega to provide long-lasting, stylish options.

Call us today at (419) 448-4200 or visit our showroom in Tiffin, OH, to learn more. We work with various contractors to provide installation to our customers. We also offer countertops and millwork.

Visualize Your Cabinets with Our Three-Dimensional Design Program

When you begin any home or office improvement project, it can be difficult to visualize how the final result will look. The designers at Anthony Douglas Kitchen and Bath use a three-dimensional design program to help bring the new cabinets to life. View different colors and styles in your kitchen or office to better visualize your new cabinets and determine whether or not they will work in that space. Our designers can show you different colors, materials, and hardware to see what will best suit your style, eliminating the uncertainty with the project.

Bathroom Cabinets for Homes and Businesses in Tiffin, OH

Anthony Douglas Kitchen and Bath also offers bathroom cabinets for homes and businesses in Tiffin, OH, and the surrounding areas. Bathroom cabinets are great for storing towels, beauty products, and cleaning supplies to keep them out of the way. If you need larger bathroom cabinets or want a new style, our team is here to help. Contact us today or visit us in the Tiffin area for cabinet sales or to check out what we have in stock. Our cabinets come in semi-custom or custom design.

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